So what have we been up to since our last update? Mainly contracting bronchitis and trying to recover from it. Other than that, where are we on The Morning Which Breaks? Well, we did get Part 1 back from its first proofreading pass. We sent Part 3 to some additional alpha readers for suggestions and have already gotten some feedback. The main feedback was that we really needed to expand the glossary, and that a list of characters would be helpful as well.

So we did that. The glossary now boasts 247 entries from Admiralty to ZANG, and a biographical list of 86 personalities from Alandale to Zayterland. We will be including the glossary as part of MWB (and all subsequent novels, suitably expanded), as we’ve been informed that having it as separate document made things clunky.

So how else are we doing? Part 2 has expanded to 30 chapters and will likely stay there. Two new chapters have been added and completed, a few other chapters have been revised to account for these new chapters, and we have eight chapters left to complete. Only two are still in outline form; the rest are at least half done. Part 2 is current ~168 pages.

Again, for those who like nitty-gritty numbers, the manuscript is 139,450 words long as of this writing (rounded to the nearest 50 words), equaling ~420 standard paperback pages. (For comparison, Alecto is 54,930 words and 162 pages.) With the glossary included, the full volume will probably break 500 pages on completion.

Finally, we will be ready to release a couple of new chapters from Part 2 to interested parties this weekend..

As always, we greatly appreciate your support for our efforts, and let us know if these updates are helpful to you!

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