Articles for May 2017

Memorial Day Sale!


In honor of Memorial Day, we are holding a special sale! Today and tomorrow, pick our whole series for less than three bucks! That’s right! Alecto is free and the other books are 99¢ each! Here are handy links for each book!

The Alecto Initiative (Loralynn Kennakris Book 1):

The Morning Which Breaks (Loralynn Kennakris Book 2):

Asylum (Loralynn Kennakris Book 3):

Apollyon’s Gambit (Loralynn Kennakris Book 4):

Get them all or buy a copy for a friend! This sale ends Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th) at 11 PM PDT.

For those of you on our mailing list, Chapter 13 of Bonds of Orion will be released tomorrow, by 2 AM, PDT. Look for it then!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 12 Released!

We’re back and releasing another new chapter to our list members. This is Chapter 12, and it gets Part 2 of our story rolling. If you are not already a member, subscribe to our mailing list to see where Kris is going this week! (And remember, there is a free gift!)

What do you think about how things are unfolding for Kris now? Don’t be shy! Discuss it in the comments.

Next weekend we’ll be releasing another new chapter!

A Brief Interruption …

… In your regularly scheduled programming. Due to the intercession of life this week and a trip this weekend, we will not be releasing a new chapter of The Bonds of Orion this weekend. Rest assured that we will be back on track next week. Our apologies for the delay.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Mother’s Day!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 11 Released!

Today we are releasing what we will loosely call Chapter 11. More properly, it’s a brief introduction to Part 2 of the novel. If you haven’t already, subscribe to our mailing to list to see what’s up now. (And don’t forget about the free gift!)

What do you think of these new developments? Talk about it with your fellow readers in the comments.

We’ll be back next weekend with another chapter!