Articles for April 2015

Readers, Weigh In!

Hello there!

Anyone who knows us, knows we love to digress. So we are looking to our splendid readers to keep us on the proper path[s]. Here’s the deal: in the series there are both secondary characters and events that take place outside the main arc of the series that have stories we think would be fun to tell. In particular, some of our secondary characters have personal histories worth writing about. So our question is: are these things you would like to read?

If so, when? Should we complete this arc of the main series first, before we indulge our urge to digress? Or would it be entertaining to release some of these potential new works while we are still writing this arc of the main series?

Clearly this is just a generic question at this time, so we understand that definitive answers are not possible, and any such works would not be scheduled to appear later until after the next couple of books are released. Also, these stories might be told as novels, novellas, or perhaps even short stories.

Finally, if you find the idea of stories filling in the personal histories of our characters interesting, do you have particular characters you’d like to read more about?

Are there “off-camera” events mentioned in the series you would like to see written more about?

Sound off in the comments, or if you prefer to discuss this directly, say so and we’ll exchange emails.

Thanks again for all your support and invaluable feedback!

A Huge Milestone!

We both want to extend a big, huge, fat Thank You! to all our readers! Sometime today, the thousandth copy of Asylum sold. We are flabbergasted, humbled, and giddy. Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards each and every one of you. (So as the Bard said: “Upon your imaginary forces, work…)

Now back to writing…

Asylum: 99-cent Sale!

Loralynn Kennakris Asylum

As a little break for Tax Time, we are offering Asylum for 99 cents, starting April 12 at 5:00 AM (PST). The price goes up to $1.99 on April 14 at 11:00 AM (PST), and then to $2.99 on April 16 at 5:00 PM. The sale ends at midnight, April 19.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the latest Loralynn Kennakris novel on sale!

Announcing: Apollyon’s Gambit

Apollyon’s Gambit

Today we announce the fourth book in the Loralynn Kennakris series!* Enjoy the sample chapter below! Want more sample chapters? How do you feel about mailing lists? Sound off in the comments!

“Go in harm’s way? Like Hell! I’m gonna put them in harm’s way!”

The war has flared up again, and Senior Lieutenant Loralynn Kennakris is thoroughly pissed off. On the walking-wounded list with a paralyzed arm and unable to fly, her superiors have decided to give her a meaningless promotion and send her off with a diplomatic mission to Iona. For years, tensions have been ramping up between the Nereidian League and its increasingly powerful former colony. It’s the diplomat’s job to defuse them before they explode. Kris’s job is to act as the mission’s ‘military advisor’—which really means looking decorative, fetching coffee, and keeping her mouth shut.

That is, until someone screwed up.

Caught on the wrong side of a military disaster that threatens the League’s whole war effort and forced into a role she never desired, Kris knows she didn’t start this fight. But she’s sure as hell gonna finish it . . . one way or another.

Part II, Chapter One:

Recon Flight Viper Fox, on patrol
Phase Plane Anvil, Mirandan Space

“How many bogies you got, Tanner?” Her voice was cool and smooth, but the med-monitors showed that her blood pressure was already ramping up.

“I got five—that’s five—at tango one forty, nine hundred kips closure.” His voice was thin and tinny over the burst link.

“You got that, Baz?”

“Roger that—got five, I say five. Bearing okay, closure okay.”

Her own T-Synth showed five too—five little red dots starting to spread out in attack formation in T-Synth’s holographic volume. It chewed on their energy profiles and declared them hostile, but she already knew that. “Baz, I make ‘em Halith heavy attack craft. You concur?”

“Oh, they’re Doms all right. Emissions signature looks like Talon-3s.”

“Okay, go to attack pattern delta. Suck it in Tanner, you’re too low.” Obediently, one of the three little blue triangles that indicated her and her wingmen snuggled closer to her port quarter. “Good. Now don’t break it up until I tell you.”

“You got it, Kris.”

The blood chemistry monitors started to light up yellow with stress compounds as her fighter eased down and left. The sphere of the T-Synth rotated as it began to carve maneuver envelopes and velocity vectors through the volume. “I have intercept in four hundred thirty seconds,” she said with a calmness that the med-monitors didn’t reflect.