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Jordan Leah Hunter is a writer, artist and model living in Northern California. Descended from Irish High-Kings, Vikings and Native Americans, she brings all the passion of her turbulent ancestry to her work. A true devotee of Nature, she can be found outdoors at all hours and in all weathers, and when she suffers to have a roof over her head, it is usually to sit by her fire and read or play one of several instruments. Her Celtic fantasy novel, The Erl King’s Children, is available on Amazon for Kindle, and in paperback.

Owen R. O’Neil is a physicist, a writer, an amateur historian and the descendant of a long line of engineers. After three years working for the US Navy as a missile systems engineer, he became a member of the intelligence community and spent the rest of his career there. One of the last generation of Cold Warriors, he worked on topics as diverse as satellites, infrared semiconductors, telecommunications and C4ISR. He is an expert on technology projection and threat assessment, and did groundbreaking work on IW/IO before it was cool.

These days he writes, exercises a passion for photography he inherited from his father, and indulges in his two principal vices: cooking unhealthy food and ferreting out exceptional but under-appreciated wines. He lives on nine rural acres in northern California where, when not engaged in the foregoing, he listens to his tenants (bullfrogs and coyotes) and watches over his infant vineyard. The Alecto Initiative  was his first novel.

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20 comments on “About the Authors

  1. Ben

    Happy 2024!

    I vaguely remember health reasons being mentioned as a factor on why the series wouldn’t continue, but I don’t think I had realized how serious that was. Sorry to hear you had such a tough time, but good to hear things are looking up again.

    All the best for your future endeavors (to both of you, of course). And, yes, sure, if those happen to include more books, absolutelytotallyunselfishly, yes, great, but if not, well, the books already existing are plenty fun even so 🙂

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Happy 2024, Ben!

      Thank you for the kind words! Yes, things are going much better here. So while we don’t want anyone to get their hopes up, the future of the series is never far from our minds, and although we haven’t been able to pursue it in a meaningful way, it hasn’t been forgotten either. (Yes, that’s about as wishy-washy a statement as it gets!)

      Your good wishes are much appreciated and may we extend the same to you!

  2. bubulala

    6 years and still a fan!
    I just re-read all the books again…

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      So happy you’re still reading! Thank you so much! It means the world to us!
      Happy Holidays!

  3. bublala

    Another Year gone by and i still have hope.
    Mh… Iam the last one standing? 🙂

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      You might well be! 😉

      I just spent 2 months in the hospital and I’m in rehab, learning to walk again. One upside is that I’ve had lots of time to think, and I’ve been in touch with Jordan about wrapping up the series.

      In the meantime, if you have any thoughts you’d like to share about what you’d like to see, we’re all ears! I can email you directly, if that’s OK with you.

      Happy Holidays!

      1. tom monaghan

        Di you still have the ideas I sent you??

        Tom Monaghan

        1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

          Hello Tom,

          Apologies for being to be so out of touch. I’d like to say yes, because they must be somewhere, but would you mind sending them again?

          Hope all is well with you?

  4. bubulala

    Another Year has past and I still have Hope!
    Hope is eternal

  5. bubulala


    i am still visiting this page every view months to take a look.
    I have still hope that you start writing again.
    And its still one of mine favorites!!!!
    Best wish

  6. bubulala


    its been a view month and i just have to ask. How is it?
    Your books are still some of my favorite books ever and believe me i read alot.
    Best of wishes


  7. bubulala

    Hi, are there already the first chapters of the next book ready oder a short snippet?

  8. Mark

    Owen & Jordan:

    After reading Orion’s Price, I have this feeling that the overall story-arc is reminiscent of Heinlein’s Citizen of the Galaxy.

    If you want more detail as to why I have that feeling, please drop me a line.

  9. bubulala


    I have bought and read all your books and want to know when the next one is due? Do you have a timeframe? 4 oder 6 month?


    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      We don’t have a timeframe yet. We are still assessing that. We’ll post an announcement as soon as we do

      We are preparing to start releasing pre-publication sample chapters through our newsletter. Sign up if you are interested!

  10. Darkpoint

    Hello, since today is the 23rd October I would like to know what happened to Apollyon’s Gambit?

    If you have postponed the release date, it would have been nice to get a notification.

    Do you already have a new ETA for the fourth book?

    1. Jordan Leah Hunter

      Thanks for your interest! We just posted the update, and the book will be published this coming Tues, Oct. 25. Do keep in mind that Amazon takes about 12 hours to approve and release a book, so we can’t say exactly when it will be live.

      Also, Amazon markets other than Amazon,com can take even longer, so if you are in one of those, it could be a day or two longer before it appears for sale.

  11. Saidah Gilbert

    Hi, I just wanted to know what happened to Absalom’s Hundred. I have an excerpt at the end of Asylum but on the website, it says that the next book is Apollyon’s Gambit. Does AG supplant AH in the order?

    1. Jordan Leah Hunter

      Hi Saidah,

      Since Apollyon’s Gambit has been so long in coming, we decided not to delay it any further to finish Absalom’s Hundred. We will complete Absalom’s Hundred and release it as soon as we can.

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