Articles for May 2014

Get Acquainted Special Offer

We are running a special to allow people to get acquainted with both of the Loralynn Kennakris books! We’ve dropped the price of The Alecto Initiative to $0.99 for this week. So if you missed it, you can pick up both Alecto and The Morning which Breaks for under $5!

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to a successful launch of MWB!

Are You Lost?

If you find yourself a bit lost with all the names and places that are appearing in the series, we have a little help for you: a handy map! Download it to see what and where. We’ll be updating this map with each new book to reflect key events therein.



The Morning which Breaks (all roughly 640 pages of it) has been submitted and is in review at Amazon.

We will update here as soon as it goes live!

It lives! As of 1500 PDT, MWB went live.

Here it is: a Date!

We finally have a date. Since we can’t predict Amazon’s approval cycle (though we hope and expect it will be quick), it is the date we will submit MWB for publication, not the date it will actually go live on Amazon. That date is: no later than Memorial Day weekend.

The pacing factors right now are getting the final cover and finalizing the glossary.

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck with us through this long haul!

Two-minute Warning

. . . If you are a tortoise, and not a hare. Which is our way of saying that we’d like to thank all the good folks who offered to beta read MWB for us. We have already gotten much excellent feedback that will make for a stronger book, and we are awaiting some final comments. So we are closing down beta reading at this time.

As soon as we get the final comments we expect and have a chance to assess them, we will announce a publication date. We expect final comments by this weekend, and if that happens, we will post the date this coming Monday, May 12th.

Thanks again to everyone who answered our call!