The Taking of Romeo Nine — Free This Weekend!


The Taking of Romeo Nine will be free this weekend, October 1st and 2nd! (Sales starts at midnight, Pacific time.)

We hope everyone is enjoying the change in seasons (we are!) and we will be back with more updates in the near future.

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(Re)introducing Minerva Lewis


Hello and Happy 4th for those of you looking forward to this long weekend!

We have an announcement to makes us quite happy, and we think you might like it, too. Ever since she was introduced in Wogan’s Reef, Captain Minerva Lewis has become increasingly popular. In response to readers wanting to know more about her, we’ve just published a long short story (13,500 words) from her early career. If you liked Minerva Lewis before, we think you will really enjoy this episode from her days as a brash young lieutenant.

The Taking of Romeo Nine is available now on Amazon [], but it will be free this Sunday, July 3rd, so you might want to consider waiting a day! 😉

The Taking of Romeo Nine

Two years ago, Lieutenant Minerva Lewis was one of the most promising young officers in the CEF Marine Corps. Then a terrible thing happened: peace. Now, after one too many boredom-induced incidents, she’s been exiled to a backwater planet where the most exciting part of her day is watching for twenty-foot-long, fur-bearing centipedes.

That is, until slavers elected to stash a boatload of captives somewhere in the trackless delta that is Min’s new home. Granted release from watchstanding and allowed twenty-four volunteers to try to find these people, Min has no idea what she is wading into (literally). She might be up against dozens of bad guys, or hundreds. She won’t get any support from a CO who will call it a win whether she comes back or not. Deep in the muck of this fetid hellhole, she can’t rely on all the fancy gadgets and snazzy assets of modern warfare.

To rescue the captives (and maybe her career), Min will have to rely on her grit, her creativity, and some cheek. Maybe a lot of cheek . . .