Articles for January 2015

We have a date!

We have a release date for Asylum (good lord willing and the creek don’t rise): February 20th. If there are no hiccups with Amazon, the Kindle edition should be available that weekend (February 21st-22nd). The paperback version will follow within 2 or 3 weeks. (The paperback version always seems to take a while to get listed on Amazon from Createspace for some reason.)

We have decided not to deal with preordering this time around. Looking into it more closely and discussing other authors’ experiences with them, we decided it was unlikely to convey a great enough benefit this time. So we are going to revisit the issue when the fourth book is ready.

Many thanks to everyone who helped get this book into shape. Your assistance has been invaluable. What deficiencies remain are ours alone, and are probably there because we didn’t listen where we ought to have.

Enjoy Asylum and onward to Book 4!

To preorder or . . .

Update: It appears the offering our next book on preorder might have benefits of which we were unaware (live and learn). We are going to look into this over this weekend, and if things are as it appears they might be, we will be offering Asylum for preorder by the end of this month. If this works out, the preorder price for Asylum will be discounted (assuming that is possible).

We are a little curious how our faithful readers feel about preordering books. In the larger publishing universe, preorders are used to drive a lot of marketing decisions. In the itsy-bitsy space we inhabit, there doesn’t seem to be much point to it. (I’ll admit I don’t really understand how preorders affect Amazon rankings and thus how useful they are for generating that “all-important buzz” prior to the book’s release, so we probably have something to learn there.) Our basic thought is that it’s just as well to make the book available when it’s ready, and not deal with preordering at this point. (When we have 3+ books already out there, things might change.)

Part of our question is that we aren’t aware of how readers view preordering. Do they consider is a good thing or a not-so-good thing, or something that does not matter either way? So sound off in the comments on this, if you feel so inclined.

BTW: The publication date for Asylum will be sometime between the middle and end of February. We are still waiting to hear back on getting the final proofing done, and once we do, we’ll have a firm date. And, of course, we will post an update here as soon as we know.

Thanks again for all your interest and support!