Articles for June 2015

Mailing List Success!

We did it! We finally have a mailing list set up! Subscribe to receive free sample chapters of upcoming books, progress updates, and other fun things as they become available!

Right now, we are planning to distribute the free samples as PDFs. Those are easier for us to deal with. If you prefer Kindle format (mobi), sound off in the comments. If PDF is good for you, tell us that too!

We’ve elected to use MailChimp for this service, and your contact info will be protected. So sign up and enjoy!

Have you seen this?

Many of you may have noticed that Amazon has been tweaking their product pages. Among the changes they’ve made is allow readers to leave a review for the series as a whole, which is separate from the reviews of the individual books. The link to the Loralynn Kennakris series page is:

If you have previously reviewed one or more of our books and would like to leave a review for the whole series, that would earn our undying appreciation! 🙂

In other news: Our first two attempts to set up a mailing list crashed and burned. You wouldn’t think a simple mailing should be that complicated. However, I think we finally have the solution and we intended to have that set up this week. Watch this space for an update.