Articles for July 2015

Another Newsletter Released!

Our latest newsletter went out today. That’s six chapters free to newsletter subscribers.

Again, for those who are keeping track, we are at 136,000 words, and 67 chapters. We expect to announce a publication date by the end of August.

Stay tuned for further updates and remember we value your feedback!

Sorry for the radio silence! Yes, new chapters await!

Yes, we’ve had a short spate of radio silence here. But we did send out another new chapter last weekend, and we will do the same this weekend! Thanks for everyone who has been following along with Kris on her new adventures!

For those of you who like to keep track of such things, Apollyon’s Gambit is now at 134,000 words, which equates to about 420 pages in paperback.

And yes, we are also working the novella or short novel (“Absalom’s Hundred”), and we’ll have more on that in the not-too-far future. For the time being, we are concentrating on Apollyon’s Gambit.

Heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you!

Another New Chapter Released!

Our third newsletter with another new chapter from our upcoming book just went out! If you haven’t already signed up to receive our newsletter, please consider it. It’s free, easy, and secure.


Second Newsletter!

Our second newsletter went out last night. So far, we’ve released the prologue and two chapters of our upcoming book to subscribers. So join now to get in on the fun! It’s fast, easy and secure.

And don’t worry: we’ll get you caught up!

Free 4th of July Book Blast!

To celebrate the 4th, we and eleven other authors are offering our work for free for one day only! Check out our Free 4th of July Book Blast!

There are twenty-nine free books to choose from, so have fun, grab some fun free reading material and enjoy the day!