If you find yourself a bit lost with all the names and places that are appearing in the series, we have a little help for you: some handy maps! Download them to see what and where.

galactic map

Galactic Map

wogans reef

Wogan’s Reef Map



The Glossary has been newly revised and expanded and is now available at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07ZV91VZ2/.

To comply with Amazon’s policies to allow us to offer it for free, we’ve removed it from this site. It will be free on Amazon the 1st of every month, and the 15th of every odd-numbered month.

One comment on “Extras

  1. Andy

    Lost my maps – my poor brain is not quite that expansive, so yes… the maps help.
    Picked up Asylum yesterday. Maybe I’ll start a trend and pay authors the asking price!!! A merge bit of compensation for eons of efforts!
    I still have a bit of the childhood fascination resident — with HUGE armadas. When we were kids, we bought $0.50 models and brought them to the river, waiting with excited anticipation to see what kind of damage the ‘cherry bombs’ and ‘M-80’s’ would do. I not sure the animator’s and special effects people could duplicate your vision, but I’d like to see it come to life.

    Okay…back to the novel.

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