Articles for August 2013

Where is that F@&$*#’g Sequel?

Excuse me for channeling Kris there for a moment, but it’s been one of those months. Now that I have that out of the way, allow us to apologize for not releasing ‘The Morning which Breaks’ as we planned.

Here’s what happened: we wanted to try to get the sequel done in July, because Jordan is gone most of this month (she’s returning early September), and use August to do the final editing on her novel so we could release that. But we got mugged by Life in July and we also concluded the last section of ‘Morning’ needs extensive revision.

So we’ve decided to move ahead with getting Jordan’s novel wrapped up and then get back to work on ‘Morning’ as soon as ‘The Erl King’s Children’ is released.

Our apologies for being too optimistic and keeping all our loyal readers waiting. We beg your forgiveness and forbearance, and we’ll announce a date here for ‘Morning’ once we have one we can adhere it. (‘Morning’ is already over 100,000 words long, which close to twice the length of ‘Alecto’, so you have a lot to look forward to.)

In the meantime, we will continue to post prerelease chapters here for your perusal.