As we mentioned previously, we have a new glossary available. It is greatly expanded from the current version, adding some organizational details and bits of key history along with technical descriptions and definitions of terms, and a list of personalities that have appeared in the series so far. Right now there are almost 250 entries (247, though we may add a couple more on review), and 86 people listed.

As the glossary will be included in MWB, we won’t be posting it here of the site, and we’ll remove the obsolete copy currently posted when the MWB is published.

If you would like an advance copy of the new glossary to go along with the chapters we’ve been releasing, leave a comment. The most reliable format right now is an HTML file; we currently lack the ability to make a PDF with internal links (of which there are many).

We are also producing a Kindle format (mobi) file, for any brave soul who wants to tell us how it looks on their device. (We are neophytes at attempting to format a massive table for kindle.)

Ask and ye shall receive!

6 comments on “A New Glossary

  1. David

    A current version HTML-formatted glossary would be really nice! Thanks! And I’d be quite happy to read and comment on how the mobi file works on Kindle, as well.

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Thanks for your interest! We’d love to provide you with both. We are finishing up with some updates and then we can get you an HTML version. Hopefully, we can get you a Kindle version as well.

      Please see your email shortly.

  2. Nick

    I’ll demo the mobi once you have that.

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Thanks Nick. It’s on the way to you.

  3. Edward

    I’d welcome a html cipy

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Sent! Thanks.