Audio Books?

Hello Readers!

Recently we got a couple of inquiries about doing audio books for the series. That would be a bit of an adventure for us, but we have found a service that (according to reports) would allow us to produce a decent audio book for a reasonable price. It’s an enticing idea, but given the investment needed, we’d like to get some opinions first.

So are you an audio book fan? Are your friends?

Let your voice be heard! ;-)

Get Acquainted Special Offer

We are running a special to allow people to get acquainted with both of the Loralynn Kennakris books! We’ve dropped the price of The Alecto Initiative to $0.99 for this week. So if you missed it, you can pick up both Alecto and The Morning which Breaks for under $5!

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to a successful launch of MWB!

The Alecto Initiative is Number 1?!

Alecto Number 1

Okay, so maybe we’re bragging a little here (or a lot) but during our last free promo day on Amazon, Alecto hit Number 1 on Kindle Free best seller list for military science fiction. Yes, this is a fleeting bit of glory, but for two new authors it’s still a pretty big thrill. So we hope you will forgive us, just this once.

We are giving away copies of The Alecto Initiative at Goodreads!

We are giving away seven copies of the paperback edition of the The Alecto Initiative at Goodreads! Enter before June 25th to be eligible to receive one of these free copies. Please read the previews here before entering this giveaway. This book contains themes such as human trafficking and abuse that will disturb some people. Please do not enter this giveaway is you are not comfortable with such subject matter.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Alecto Initiative by Owen R. O'Neill

The Alecto Initiative

by Owen R. O’Neill

Giveaway ends June 25, 2013.

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at Goodreads.

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The Alecto Initiative Paperback Edition Now On Sale!

The print edition of The Alecto Initiative is now on sale at the CreateSpace store! Only $7.99! If you would rather read without electrons involved–and we certainly sympathize with that!–get this paperback edition and stretch out in the sunshine!

Would you like to read another excerpt and feed us some feedback? Go here to read another free chapter of The Alecto Initiative and tell us what you think!