Hello Readers!

Recently we got a couple of inquiries about doing audio books for the series. That would be a bit of an adventure for us, but we have found a service that (according to reports) would allow us to produce a decent audio book for a reasonable price. It’s an enticing idea, but given the investment needed, we’d like to get some opinions first.

So are you an audio book fan? Are your friends?

Let your voice be heard! 😉

2 comments on “Audio Books?

  1. Stephen

    I have trouble sitting down long enough to listen through audiobooks, I read /much/ faster than most narrators read, so I prefer to read books (or ebooks). That being said, I won’t knock audiobooks, I think they’re an excellent medium for those who prefer that, or for use in the car on long trips, but since that doesn’t happen too often, I don’t really see myself purchasing an audiobook format at this time.

  2. Danny

    love audiobooks think you should do it