Hello, Readers!

We have an update on The Bonds of Orion. The final draft is ready for proofing! We are waiting to hear from our editor regarding her schedule for getting that done. Once she lets us know, we can announce a firm release date. We are very much hoping that it will be sooner, as in a couple of weeks, rather than later (as in a month).

Thank you all for your patience while we got this book finished. Your continued support is very much appreciated!

8 comments on “Update on The Bonds of Orion

  1. Tore Fredriksen

    Bonds of Orion is here !
    Just download.

  2. XO

    Great news. Looking forward to it.

  3. SJ

    Wonderful news! Can’t wait for this to hit my kindle.

  4. Pyo


    … I don’t really have anything else to say.

  5. David

    Great to hear. Looking forward to reading!

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Thank you, David! We hope it will be worth the wait!

  6. Tore Fredriksen

    Good to hear from you again, I was worried.
    «If you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything»
    (And you will certainly not be able to write more books)
    Love the series and take CARE of yourselves

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Thank you, Tore! That is very much appreciated!

      This are much better at this point, and we are moving forward on the next book.
      Very happy you love series! That’s is our true reward!