and I—well, we—took the one less traveled by?

Or didn’t?

If you have read both the current books in the series, and would like to weigh in on the fate of a major character, leave a comment. We shall email you the question to solict your opinion.

And that may make all the difference. 😉

Update (7/19): We’ve gotten very good feedback on this issue, and have decided on a resolution that we are happy with. Thanks again to all who weighed in on this question.

5 comments on “Two roads diverged . . .

  1. Mark Libell

    Well, now I’m curious, count me in.

  2. Brett

    I’d like to give an opinion.

  3. Edward

    I am game

  4. Daniel

    I have opinions 🙂

    1. Mark May

      Definitely curious. Please send question.