We were so busy with Bonds this weekend that we dropped the ball on sending out new chapters as planned. Apologies for the delay! So today, we are releasing both Chapters 4 and 5.

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Subscribers: Please feel free to discuss the new chapters with your fellow readers in the comments. There is more to come next weekend! (And we promise not to be late this time!)

4 comments on “The Bonds of Orion, Chapters 4 & 5 Released!

  1. SJ

    Let’s hope that chapter will be released soon!
    Seems to be, I prefer shorter chapters if I’m honest. Could be due to my short attention span though 😉

  2. SJ

    What did everyone think of the new chapters? I’m dying to chat to someone about this. If I was confused before about who I wanted Kris to choose I’m even more confused now. It’s nice to see the banter back between Kris and Rafe after things have been so strained between them and it was nice to see the chemistry is still there. Sometimes I do want to grab Rafe by the collar and shake the life out of him for being so damn reasonable and what’s the word… Ugh, I don’t know but he does frustrate me sometimes.
    Then there’s Mariwen and Kris and they are so cute at the moment. I’m very much looking forward to seeing how Kris holds up during the shopping trip. LOL!

    1. SJ

      Oh, I forgot to say another great job guys! I enjoyed these.

    2. cookiehunter

      agreed, cant wait to see Kris reaktion when shopping
      also is it just me or are the chaptersvery short compared to the earlier books?