Gentle readers,

How useful are you finding the extensive glossary included in MWB? Should it be also included in Asylum? Or would it be better to offer it as a separate document through this site?

If the latter, what do you think of including a much shorter version in Asylum, focusing on new terms and personalities introduced in that book?

Weigh in! Your opinion counts!

3 comments on “That Glossary . . .

  1. Owen R. O'Neill

    Thank you both for the feedback!

  2. Edward

    I think the glossery is getting too long to be included in the book, so it would probably be best to have an update in the book and a master one on the site, the difficultly is that you should probably also include a few old ‘key’ entries in the update glossery, but it would be difficult to isolate them.

  3. DJ Fulton

    I think the glossary should be book specific, with the unabridged wiki on or linked to your website.