The Floating World

I’d like to bring your attention my good friend’s awesome novel, The Floating World, now for sale on Amazon for Kindle. In addition to the fact my friend’s novel is deserving of much praise, I have a particular reason for urging our wonderful readers to check it out.

My friend has been disabled and unable to work for the last several years. Last fall, she was able to get back the rights to her out-of-print novel from the original publisher (Ballantine) so she could offer it herself on Kindle, and it went live just after Christmas. So please, give it a look and if you feel so inclined, for $3.99 you can read a fascinating book and support a worthy cause. $3.99 may not seem like much, but every little bit helps. And if you have friends who like to read, pointing her book out to them would be even more welcome.

Thank you and best wishes for an excellent 2014!