It seems September vanished in a puff of orange smoke. Seriously, I can’t recall a month whizzing by like this. So what were we up to last month?

Writing, of course. Progress on Apollyon continues to be made. We’ve still been sending out new chapters to the mailing list, and will continue to do so. Another will be sent out tomorrow. (If you are interested, and haven’t sign up yet, feel free to do so!) We’d also like to extend a hearty welcome to the new people who’ve recently joined our list. We’ll endeavor to make it worth your while!

Part 1 of Apollyon (which currently runs to about 100 paperback pages) has been undergoing editing and revamping, with new chapters added. A major chunk of our time has been dedicated there.

That’s pretty much all the news that’s fit to print at the moment. We’ll be back with more updates, as they happen.