As we have ceased posting new chapters here, we thought it might be nice to give people a report on the completion of The Morning Which Breaks. We will endeavor to update this periodically (weekly is the goal, but we all know how that sometimes works out) so our readers can stay abreast of our progress.

To recap, MWB is presented in three parts. The current status is as follows:

Part 1 is completed in beta draft form and is being proofread.

Part 2 is still in work.

Part 3 has been completed as an initial rough draft and is in alpha review (a silly name for us rereading our own work).

The breakdown for each part is as follows (page refers to a typical paperback page):

Part 1 is 194 pages long and consists of 23 chapters, plus Prologue.

Part 2 is currently 145 pages long and consists of 27 to 28 chapters: 18 of these have been completed as a rough draft; 4 are ~50% complete; 5 or 6 are in outline form only.

Part 3 is 56 pages long and consists of 12 chapters, plus Epilogue.

As writing is an elastic business (especially the way we do it), the numbers for Part 2 are soft, in the sense that we may discover the need to add chapters to it as the story continues to evolve. And it is possible that as we complete Part 2, it may be revealed that we need to add to Part 3. (The closer you think you are to being finished, the more holes have a way of making themselves known.)

For those who like nitty-gritty numbers, the manuscript is 131,650 words long as of this writing (rounded to the nearest 50 words). For comparison, Alecto is 54,930 words.

Finally, we will be ready to release a couple of new chapters from Part 2 to interested parties shortly. Check back in a day of so for updates.

As always, we greatly appreciate your support for our efforts!