As we are hard at work on the fourth book, and desiring to improve anything we can, we’d like to solicit feedback on TOCs. The TOC in Asylum was quite detailed which also made it quite long. Did including the subchapters in the TOC help or hinder?

Sound off in the comments and help us make the fourth book a better reading experience.

Thanks for all your support!

4 comments on “On Navigation

  1. Jodi Darby

    Just finishing book 3 and was checking in to see about book 4 and am delighted to read it’s in process! As to your TOC question, I rarely use it for fiction books on the Kindle, and wouldn’t miss the detail if it was kept brief. My request would be to put the time saved into content and lengthening the series. Thanks for asking.

    1. Owen R. O'Neill

      Thanks Jody! The feedback is much appreciated.

  2. Mark

    Hi Jordon, Owen,

    I’m sorry to say I only look at the TOC when doing something beyond reading a novel, reviewing it, discussing it, etc. The chapter headings are something I look at, and especially the ones that add a little quote or humorous reference, but the TOC is not.
    Beyond a map, which I will bookmark and refer to fairly often at first, I don’t look at anything before the first page of the story.

    Hope this is useful,

    Best Regards,

    1. Owen R. O'Neill

      Thanks Mark. We went all over the place with Asylum when we saw how extensive the TOC was. Our particular concern is that a complex TOC may “break” the Kindle format, in that conversion process seems to treat TOCs differently, depending on the number of levels.

      Right now, we are leaning towards a simpler 2-level TOC for the next book (which has a comparable structure), but we’ll see what the feedback is on how people actually use the thing.