The Alecto Initiative Paperback Edition Now On Sale!

The print edition of The Alecto Initiative is now on sale at the CreateSpace store! Only $7.99! If you would rather read without electrons involved–and we certainly sympathize with that!–get this paperback edition and stretch out in the sunshine!

Would you like to read another excerpt and feed us some feedback? Go here to read another free chapter of The Alecto Initiative and tell us what you think!

We are Live and On-Line!

The Alecto Initiative is now available for sale at Amazon! The first book in the Loralynn Kennakris series is alive! Only $2.99!

Go check it out! It also contains a preview of the second Loralynn Kennakris novel, The Morning Which Breaks. Watch this blog for news of when The Morning Which Breaks will be available.

Welcome to our Universe!

Okay, so it’s a small, small universe after all…

Welcome to the on-line home of Loralynn Kennakris, an extraordinary young woman with a checkered past and no concept of a no-win scenario. Please keep an eye on this blog for news about this thought-provoking new science-fiction series, which we think will be unlike any you have ever read. We will be posting excerpts here of current and upcoming novels, announcements of free promotions, background materials, and anything else we can think of that’s fun!

It promises to be an interesting ride! We’ll think you’ll enjoy it. . .