Hello again!

Life got the better of us again and we missed releasing a new chapter to the mailing list last weekend. Today, we are releasing two. The plot continues to thicken! Just what is Kris getting into here? If you have not subscribed and want to know, join our list to read these chapters and all the rest! (Don’t forget the free gift!)

In other news, we are taking a break from releasing new chapters for a while as we work some kinks out of the book, so there will be no new chapters for the next two weekends. We will post an update at that time.

Until then, enjoy your week and Happy 4th to our readers in the States!

2 comments on “Bonds of Orion, Chapters 17 & 18 Released!

  1. XO

    Thanks for the chapters.

    I must say, when I read:
    “Lifting her head, he saw her pale green, strangely gold-flecked eyes for the first time. “Kristīne.””
    I thought for a moment that this is Kris … that was evil from you.
    Is Colonel Yeager maybe related to Kris (similar eyes and it seems her character is like Kris’s)?

    Furthermore, “breeding program”? That’s making the Halith Empire even more sinister and cruel. I get the feeling, that someone (Kris) needs to drop some nuclear warheads (or an asteroid) on their home planet, to cleanse the universe from them.

    And since we are now at the 18th chapter, I need to ask if you already have an ETA for the book, because I fear, that otherwise I will have read half the book before publication.

    1. cookiehunter

      agree with that, i rly want to know the ETA
      also i just noticed how much you borrowed Names from the 2.WW