Hello again and Happy Easter!

Today, the saga continues with the release of Chapter 7! The plot thickens… Will Kris get into a tight spot this time? What new challenges must she face? Join the list to find out! (As always, remember the free gift for subscribing!)

Share your thoughts with your fellow readers in the comments. We’ll be back next week with another new chapter!

3 comments on “Bonds of Orion, Chapter 7 Released!

  1. Pyo

    About as subtle as sledgehammer 😉

    Happy Easter. Hope the weather is less depressing in whichever portion of the globe everyone else is.

    1. SJ

      The weather here in South Africa was nice and mild. We’re in autumn here which has mostly warm days 🙂

  2. SJ

    I have to say I really look forward to these weekly releases. This was another great chapter guys. The part where Mariwen thinks Kris wants to have a threesome with the sales person had me ripped. I laughed so hard I nearly hurt myself.
    I love seeing Kris spoil Mariwen, it was such a sweet gesture. The description of the necklace and cape was incredible.
    Anyone else here think the two mares and the stallion on the necklace was a little nod to Kris, Rafe and Mariwen. Am I detecting some foreshadowing here?