This weekend, Chapter 10 has been released to our list members. (Chapter 9 is being held in reserve. You don’t mind a little mystery, right?). Kris has to face one of her most difficult undertakings so far in this chapter. How will it go? If you aren’t a member, subscribe to find out and receive The Taking of Romeo Nine as our gift!

What do you think about this new life Kris has embarked on, and all these new experiences she’s becoming acquainted with? Is Kris finally finding what she’s been looking for? Talk about it with your fellow readers in the comments!

2 comments on “Bonds of Orion, Chapter 10 Released!

  1. cookiehunter

    “what could go wrong?”
    way to tempt fate mate

    1. Lance

      Any time you see that line, you KNOW things are headed off the rail in a spectacular way!