Welcome to the shortest day of the year for those of you experiencing daylight-saving time. It’s a good day, we think, to have something new to read!

Last week, we released the Prologue of “Bonds of Orion” to our mailing-list subscribers. Today, we are releasing Chapter 1. If you are interested in reading these free pre-release chapters, subscribe to our mailing list! You will also get “The Taking of Romeo Nine” as a free gift!

We will be releasing Chapter 2 soon.

Do feel free to discuss Chapter 1 with your fellow readers in the comments!

One comment on “Bonds of Orion, Chapter 1 Released!

  1. SJ

    Loved this!!! I love the dynamic between Kris and Mariwen. Mariwen brings out a softer side of Kris that I very much enjoyed seeing. I enjoyed the playful banter between these two and the sex is fun and playful not to mention hot! I’m a romance girl at heart but this series added a new genre to my favorites so it’s awesome to see more romance being brought in. Very much enjoyed this.