Hello Readers!

Apollyon’s Gambit is in the process of publishing! It is not yet available on Amazon but we will post again here as soon as KDP approves it and makes it live.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you for sticking with us through this long, long haul!

10 comments on “Apollyon’s Gambit Publishing

  1. Bodzio

    Apollyon’s Gambit is avaible! (On UK Amazon)

  2. Lisa Diggs

    Blast this is annoying. Not sure why it is taking so long. Another Author I follow closely publishes monthly and he turns it in the day before and it is up and running no later than noon the next day and sometimes by midnight of the day he turns it in. I do believe patience is not one of my virtues. Big Sigh! 🙂

    1. Jordan Leah Hunter

      Your wait will be over soon! Thanks for sticking with us on this long … long road!

  3. Bodzii

    I am getting ready to visit Amazon office to check if they are really working. I bet they playing darts instead.

    1. Jordan Leah Hunter

      As you may have inferred, there were technical difficulties — ours, not Amazon’s fault. We believe they are now fixed and the book should be available shortly!
      Thanks for bearing with us!

  4. Shane Walton

    Sweet can’t wait . And Thank You

  5. Lisa Diggs

    Roger Wilco lol

  6. Lisa Diggs

    Any word on when Kindle Amazon is posting it?

    1. Jordan Leah Hunter

      KDP does not provides an estimate of when a new release will post. They only send a notice once it’s live. We’ll post an update as soon as it’s live. : )

      1. Lisa Diggs

        Wow they are taking forever!!!!