Today, Glenn Reynolds [Instapundit] was so good as to check out The Alecto Initiative: IN THE MAIL: The Alecto (Loralynn Kennakris). Oodles and oodles of sincere thanks to Instapundit!

And WOW! The good professor’s link to our Amazon page put The Alecto Initiative at #31 on Amazon’s list of bestsellers in Military Science Fiction, and number #81 in Science Fiction Adventure! Whenever you are on the same page with John Scalzi’s bestseller Old Man’s War, Hugh Howey’s WOOL, and anything by Orson Scott Card, that’s something to be excited about!

Yeah, I know–there are a ton of things that go into that complicated Amazon ranking and they flucuate a lot, but it still makes a new author giddy. So thanks to everyone who followed the good professor’s link and bought or borrowed a copy. You made this one of the best days of our lives!

Amazon Mil-SciFi Bestseller

Amazon Mil-SciFi SF Bestseller, Fleet

Amazon SF-Bestseller, Adventure