Perhaps you’ve noticed the extended silence on this blog. Unfortunately, it has not been due to any reason you, or we, are likely to welcome. This year began on a promising note, but since then we have encountered a number of setbacks on more than one front. As difficult as it is for us, circumstances have forced us to set writing the series aside for the foreseeable future.

We will return to complete the current book, and continue the series, at some future point, but we cannot make any guesses right now as to when that may be. We are deeply sorry that Life has brought us to such a pass—more for the disappointment this might cause those of you who have supported us through the first three books and were anticipating the fourth one, than for ourselves.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for reading our work, and sharing this journey with us. We wish each and every one of you all the best until we meet again.

Owen & Jordan

5 comments on “About that Light at the end of the Tunnel…

  1. Jordan Leah Hunter

    Thank you all for the positive thoughts! As Owen says, we will finish the next book, although we do expect it to take quite awhile before circumstances allow us to do that.

  2. Darkpoint

    So sorry to hear that. I have only recently started to read this series and was really looking forward to book four and to find out more about Loralynn’s mother or what will happen with Mariwen. I hope that one day you can finish it.

  3. Kyryst

    I hope that will have the strength of both body and mind to face whatever trials and tribulations come your way. It was my father’s will and drive that took him through cancer when the doctors said he had 10 days to live. If you will and believe in a goal it can take you through whatever the world places in your way.

  4. Roscoe

    So sorry to hear about (what I presume are) your troubles. I was really looking forward to book four. Hopefully circumstances will change to allow you to finish it.

    1. Owen R. O'Neill Post author

      Thanks, Roscoe.

      We certainly will finish the fourth book. The only question is when. We will update people on that when we have some better news.