The Bonds of Orion is live!

We are so happy to announce that The Bonds of Orion went live on Amazon last night!

It is available here:

Thank you all for sticking with us during the long bumpy road to getting this book published! Your support is appreciated more than we can say!

Owen & Jordan

Update on The Bonds of Orion

Hello, Readers!

We have an update on The Bonds of Orion. The final draft is ready for proofing! We are waiting to hear from our editor regarding her schedule for getting that done. Once she lets us know, we can announce a firm release date. We are very much hoping that it will be sooner, as in a couple of weeks, rather than later (as in a month).

Thank you all for your patience while we got this book finished. Your continued support is very much appreciated!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 19 Released!

We’re back (sort of)!

Yes, it’s been awhile, but we have released another new chapter to our mailing-list members. If you would like access to all the chapters we have released so far, subscribe to our list! (And don’t forget the free gift!)

For those of you who have been wondering about a release date for Bonds, we are sorry to say we don’t have one yet. Since our last post, a flare-up of a chronic illness unfortunately brought things pretty well to a halt. So we are in the process of regrouping and getting back on track, but we are sadly not in a position to set a release date we can commit to at this time. For the same reason, we won’t be releasing more new chapters until we things back in order. We will post updates as we have them.

In the meantime, thank you for your patience while we get back in the saddle. It is much appreciated.

Bonds of Orion, Chapters 17 & 18 Released!

Hello again!

Life got the better of us again and we missed releasing a new chapter to the mailing list last weekend. Today, we are releasing two. The plot continues to thicken! Just what is Kris getting into here? If you have not subscribed and want to know, join our list to read these chapters and all the rest! (Don’t forget the free gift!)

In other news, we are taking a break from releasing new chapters for a while as we work some kinks out of the book, so there will be no new chapters for the next two weekends. We will post an update at that time.

Until then, enjoy your week and Happy 4th to our readers in the States!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 16 Released!

Happy Father’s Day to everyone! We hope yours was joyful!

We are releasing Chapter 16 today to our newsletter subscribers. Things are getting a bit tense! If you are not already a subscriber and wish to know more, join to get access to this chapter and all the rest! (And there is still the free gift, of course.)

Expect another new chapter next weekend! In the meantime, enjoy your week!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 15 Released!

Just a quick note to say we have released Chapter 15 to our newsletter subscribers. That makes sixteen chapters total our subscribers have access to. If you are not already a subscriber, join to get access to all sixteen! (And there is still the free gift.)

We’ll return next weekend with the next new chapter!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 14 Released!

Today we are offering Chapter 14 to our newsletter subscribers. If you are not already a member, join to our mailing list to see how the plot thickens this week! (And remember the free gift!)

What do you think about where this journey is heading now? Go ahead! Talk about it in the comments.

We’ll be back next weekend with another new chapter!

Memorial Day Sale!


In honor of Memorial Day, we are holding a special sale! Today and tomorrow, pick our whole series for less than three bucks! That’s right! Alecto is free and the other books are 99¢ each! Here are handy links for each book!

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Get them all or buy a copy for a friend! This sale ends Memorial Day (Monday, May 29th) at 11 PM PDT.

For those of you on our mailing list, Chapter 13 of Bonds of Orion will be released tomorrow, by 2 AM, PDT. Look for it then!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Bonds of Orion, Chapter 12 Released!

We’re back and releasing another new chapter to our list members. This is Chapter 12, and it gets Part 2 of our story rolling. If you are not already a member, subscribe to our mailing list to see where Kris is going this week! (And remember, there is a free gift!)

What do you think about how things are unfolding for Kris now? Don’t be shy! Discuss it in the comments.

Next weekend we’ll be releasing another new chapter!

A Brief Interruption …

… In your regularly scheduled programming. Due to the intercession of life this week and a trip this weekend, we will not be releasing a new chapter of The Bonds of Orion this weekend. Rest assured that we will be back on track next week. Our apologies for the delay.

Wishing each and every one of you a Happy Mother’s Day!