Radio Silence

It seems September vanished in a puff of orange smoke. Seriously, I can’t recall a month whizzing by like this. So what were we up to last month?

Writing, of course. Progress on Apollyon continues to be made. We’ve still been sending out new chapters to the mailing list, and will continue to do so. Another will be sent out tomorrow. (If you are interested, and haven’t sign up yet, feel free to do so!) We’d also like to extend a hearty welcome to the new people who’ve recently joined our list. We’ll endeavor to make it worth your while!

Part 1 of Apollyon (which currently runs to about 100 paperback pages) has been undergoing editing and revamping, with new chapters added. A major chunk of our time has been dedicated there.

That’s pretty much all the news that’s fit to print at the moment. We’ll be back with more updates, as they happen.

August Sales Event!

We’d like to share a special opportunity with you: on August 21st, 22nd and 23rd, we will be participating in a sales event with 32 other authors, all offering their books for free or $0.99. The Morning which Breaks will be on sale for $0.99 for this event, so this is your chance to pick it up cheap, if you haven’t already, or to tell your friends who might be interested. And with all the other books on sale, covering many different genres, you are likely to find something fun and new. Do take a moment to check it out: We appreciate your interest!

We also released the tenth new chapter of Apollyon’s Gambit today. We will continue with this until the book is placed on pre-order, so consider joining our email list to receive these chapters and other upcoming goodies!

Another Newsletter Released!

Our latest newsletter went out today. That’s six chapters free to newsletter subscribers.

Again, for those who are keeping track, we are at 136,000 words, and 67 chapters. We expect to announce a publication date by the end of August.

Stay tuned for further updates and remember we value your feedback!

Free 4th of July Book Blast!

To celebrate the 4th, we and eleven other authors are offering our work for free for one day only! Check out our Free 4th of July Book Blast!

There are twenty-nine free books to choose from, so have fun, grab some fun free reading material and enjoy the day!

Mailing List Success!

We did it! We finally have a mailing list set up! Subscribe to receive free sample chapters of upcoming books, progress updates, and other fun things as they become available!

Right now, we are planning to distribute the free samples as PDFs. Those are easier for us to deal with. If you prefer Kindle format (mobi), sound off in the comments. If PDF is good for you, tell us that too!

We’ve elected to use MailChimp for this service, and your contact info will be protected. So sign up and enjoy!

Have you seen this?

Many of you may have noticed that Amazon has been tweaking their product pages. Among the changes they’ve made is allow readers to leave a review for the series as a whole, which is separate from the reviews of the individual books. The link to the Loralynn Kennakris series page is:

If you have previously reviewed one or more of our books and would like to leave a review for the whole series, that would earn our undying appreciation! 🙂

In other news: Our first two attempts to set up a mailing list crashed and burned. You wouldn’t think a simple mailing should be that complicated. However, I think we finally have the solution and we intended to have that set up this week. Watch this space for an update.

Audio Books?

Hello Readers!

Recently we got a couple of inquiries about doing audio books for the series. That would be a bit of an adventure for us, but we have found a service that (according to reports) would allow us to produce a decent audio book for a reasonable price. It’s an enticing idea, but given the investment needed, we’d like to get some opinions first.

So are you an audio book fan? Are your friends?

Let your voice be heard! 😉

Readers, Weigh In!

Hello there!

Anyone who knows us, knows we love to digress. So we are looking to our splendid readers to keep us on the proper path[s]. Here’s the deal: in the series there are both secondary characters and events that take place outside the main arc of the series that have stories we think would be fun to tell. In particular, some of our secondary characters have personal histories worth writing about. So our question is: are these things you would like to read?

If so, when? Should we complete this arc of the main series first, before we indulge our urge to digress? Or would it be entertaining to release some of these potential new works while we are still writing this arc of the main series?

Clearly this is just a generic question at this time, so we understand that definitive answers are not possible, and any such works would not be scheduled to appear later until after the next couple of books are released. Also, these stories might be told as novels, novellas, or perhaps even short stories.

Finally, if you find the idea of stories filling in the personal histories of our characters interesting, do you have particular characters you’d like to read more about?

Are there “off-camera” events mentioned in the series you would like to see written more about?

Sound off in the comments, or if you prefer to discuss this directly, say so and we’ll exchange emails.

Thanks again for all your support and invaluable feedback!

On Navigation

As we are hard at work on the fourth book, and desiring to improve anything we can, we’d like to solicit feedback on TOCs. The TOC in Asylum was quite detailed which also made it quite long. Did including the subchapters in the TOC help or hinder?

Sound off in the comments and help us make the fourth book a better reading experience.

Thanks for all your support!

The Erl King’s Children now on Sale!

The Erl Kings Children

Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that my Celtic fantasy novel is now on sale at Amazon for $0.99! If you like “old-school” epic fantasy with a bit of a twist, you might want to check out my novel! (Plenty of desperate combat, epic battles, narrow escapes, a few elves, a little gore and a bit of sex.)

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